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The Marketingo offers you one of the best white hat SEO services for your business in India. The online world is getting very competitive and in order to boost your business online you will have to hire the best seo agency. Our SEO team know that each website and brand requires a different plan and strategy to rank high on google. The Marketingo is that digital marketing company whose seo services you should take if you are looking to grow your business, revenue and brand name in the online world.

Our SEO Service Includes

Website Understanding

We do a proper analysis of your website before we start our SEO work because in order to rank your brand high on google we need to understand what dose of SEO your website needs.

Competitor Analysis

In order to beat your competitor in Google's ranking we do an in-depth analysis of what your competitor is doing. It gives a path walking on which we can beat your competitor on Google easily.

Keyword Analysis

We do keyword analysis for your website and identifies the keywords on which your competitors are ranking and keywords which are important for your business but are not used by your competitors.

Content Optimization

Content is the king and we treat it as a king only. If the content published on the website is completely SEO optimized then the chances of your keyword getting ranked high on google increases. Our content team knows what a user wants to read and delivers a fully SEO optimized content for a website.

On-Page Optimization

Our SEO team is expert in On-Page Optimization. We make sure that all the important meta tags like, Title, Description, H1-H6, ALT are there on your website. All the URLs are kept SEO friendly, no dead or broken link is there on the website and much more.

Off-Page Strategies

SEO Experts in our company are highly experienced in building high authority backlinks for your website which in turn gives a boost to your keyword in google's ranking. Spammy backlinks can harm the SEO which is why our team has its own backlink building strategy which will never harm your website in any manner.

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Process Of How We Work



Website Report

First we give a free website report to you in which we mention about the things you are doing wrong, places where your website is lacking, and how we can help you in taking your website to 1st page of google.



Hiring Us

Once you are convinced with our report, the next step for you is to hire us. Once on boarded we will start our working from day 1 itself and will start making the desired changes on your website to improve the ranking on google.



Implementing Our SEO Strategies

Our SEO team will start implementing all our unique SEO strategies on your website including both On-Page and Off-Page optimization. Internal linking, content optimization, keyword optimization all will be done on your website.




A monthly work report will be given at the end of every month along with the changes made in the website, improvement seen due to those changes and ranking of each keyword our team will be working on.

Why Hiring Best SEO Company is Important For Your Brand?

SEO is not everyone’s cup of team. It requires a dedicated team of expert SEOs to increase the ranking of your website and keyword on Google and for this you definitely can’t invest your time in learning SEO and doing all the things by yourself. Which is why it is always adviced to hire the best SEO service company or SEO agency in India for your brand.

Your website will always be the first interaction you future client will be making with. Therefore in order to grow your revenue and sales online you need to rank high on google by your desired keywords and this is what our seo company is best in doing.

Here are the benefits of hiring seo company for your brand:

  1. Improve Website SEO Health:

Hiring an SEO agency can help your website in improving its SEO health which means that the changes made on your website will be done keeping in mind all the aspects of SEO which in turn will improve the ranking of your website’s keywords on SERP.

  1. Get The Experience On-Board:

SEO companies has experienced SEOs who are responsible for the improvement in ranking of your website and keywords. Hiring a good SEO company will give you an assurance that your website is in good hands and all the strategies which are going to be implemented on your website are tested and verified by experienced individuals.

Hiring a SEO company can ensure you that no matter what google update may come, there is an experienced company looking after your website’s SEO and will handle all the things gracefully without any guesswork or experiments.

  1. Free Website Audit and Keyword Research:

Before even you hire an SEO company or agency, they will always give you a free audit report for your website along with a keyword research. You can check these reports and can analyze what mistakes are there in your website if seen from Google’s eye. This report will also help you to check if the company you have hired is doing the work accordingly or not. These reports will give you a detailed estimation of how much time should it take to make the changes and what results you can expect once all the changes are done.

  1. No Need To Buy SEO Tools:

There are many tools available online which are required if you are doing SEO for your website. Many of these tools are paid. So, it you are not hiring any SEO company or agency for your website then you will have to buy these paid tools which in our views is not worth investing because you will have to even learn how to use these tools and utilize them to enhance the SEO of your website.

Therefore, instead of wasting your time and money on these tools you can hire the best SEO company in India and can put them to work for your brand.

  1. Latest SEO Updates:

Google keeps on rolling out new updates and if you are a business owner then it becomes very hard for you to be up-to-date with every update of google. But, why to worry when you can hire an SEO agency to do this work on your behalf. Also, it is always said that let the expert do what he/she is expert in. Studying the updates and creating new strategies for your website’s SEO is the part of an SEO expert and not yours.

  1. SEO is a Daily Process:

SEO is not a one time work. SEO is something which you need to do on daily basis and keep feeding your website with something new regularly in order to make google bots (spiders) to come on your website and crawl the website again. Google loves fresh updates and content. Therefore it is advised to hire an SEO company to do SEO for your website because a company will always put a dedicated SEO person on your website.

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