Check How Traffic on House Of Bakchodi Increased From 87 to 12.1K Users Per Month


Client:House Of Bakchodi

Date:01 September, 2019

Type:Content, Link Building, On Page SEO

Result:Increase In Revenue (4 Times)

House Of Bakchodi is a blogging website which started in 2018 with the soul motive of bringing traffic on the website and increasing the authority of the website. The website has no ads but is still making a hefty revenue every year by providing press release and high authority backlinks to other brands.

House Of Bakchodi hired us for all their SEO practices and we took the responsibility of increasing the website traffic and Domain Authority. We started our work on 1st September 2019 and are working for HOB till date. Because of our White Hat SEO services HOB has increased their revenue 4 times to what they were making earlier.

The Challenge

There were many challenges we dealt with and the most important one was to remove all spammy backlinks from the website. The website had poor quality and spinned content, duplicate meta titles and descriptions, no proper meta tags, no implementation. The path was quite difficult but we knew that our team can handle this and can bring the website on track.

The Process

The first step we took was removing spammy backlinks and it took us nearly 2 months to remove all spammy backlinks and at the same time maintaining a proper backlink building strategy to increase the DA and DR.

At the same time we even started our on page optimization run on the website and started making changes in the blogs and other pages.

Within a period of 1 month the website started growing towards a positive direction with an increase been shown in the organic traffic, DA, DR and Alexa Rank.

Now our next concern was how to remove the poor quality, spinned, suplicate content without hampering the ranking of the keywords.

But our content team came up with a solution of replacing the existing content with high quality SEO optimized content and along with this we even changed the meta title, description of the article and pages.

This helped in improving the quality of the website and within 4 months we saw a hike in website’s organic traffic.

The Solution

We made sure that only white hat SEO strategies are being implemented on the website. For backlinks, we took the road of Guest Posting.

Guest Posting is one of the best backlink building strategy and if used in a correct manner then can help in ranking any keyword on 1st page of google.

Our strategy takes time but is highly effective and is safe from all google updates because we never go for any black hat or grey hat strategy.

For content, our major focus was in publishing user intent content along with keeping in mind for keyword optimization in the article because Google always keeps a red eye on keyword stuffed articles.

All our strategies and approaches were fruitfull in giving the website a positive direction and the revenue started increasing because people always look for quality if they are promoting their brand or product on a website and we made sure that HOB offers them quality only.

We Came, We Checked, We Changed, We Conquered

A Before and After View of the Website

                                                       BEFORE                                            Slide <– & –> To See The Difference                                         AFTER

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