Google May 2020 Core Update Is Completely Rolled Out

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Google May 2020 Core Update Is Completely Rolled Out

On 5th May 2020, Google announced that they are rolling out the Google May 2020 Core Update and with this all digital marketing agency in India and world started their study on this core update.. The announcement was made through a tweet on twitter.

After few hours of rolling out of Google may 2020 core udpate people started seeing huge fluctuations in the ranking of their keywords and organic traffic.

Twitter was soon filled with so many users questioning about how this update is going to impact their website and what all measure should be taken in order to cope up with the update.

Since the roll out was not fully completed, SEO experts restrained themselves from giving any advice or theory about this update and just asked users to wait until the update is not rolled out completely.

After two weeks i.e on 18th May 2020, Google again announced through a tweet that the May 2020 core update has been rolled out completely.

Google typically takes a week or two to fully roll out its update.

What Was So Important About Google May 2020 Core Update?

If seen from the eye of an SEO and other SEO Experts, Google May 2020 core update is quite important and a big update you can ever see.

A huge change in the ranking of keywords was seen after this core update. The purpose of this update was to outrank keywords and websites which were ranking on top page of google even without having meaningful and relevant content.

Google consider more than 100 signals to rank any website / keyword on the 1st page but there are many tricks and techniques using which people were ranking their websites without even posting genuine and high quality content.

And, this is the main reason why this udpate was so crucial as within few days the update roll out process started there was a huge fluctuation in rankings and people started erupting on twitter with mulitple queries about the same.

Here are some reactions by users.

There were many big brands ad websites who lost tons of organic traffic after this core udpate and the bad part is that people are still figuring out what changes they should make in order to optimize the effect of this update.

What Should You Do Now?

Start reviewing your analytics and keywords ranking change. Since the roll out has been completed, now you will be having a clear view if this google udpate had a positive or a negative impact on your website.

If the impact is positive then start your analysis process on what keywords are now ranking on top page of google and what type of SEO approach and what type of content have you published for it.

But, if the impact is negative for your website then also start your analysis process and list down the traffic change on your top ranking pages and see what pages and websites are now ranking above you on those keywords. Check the content quality, content length, keyword optimization, quality of backlinks, and other On-Page SEO factors for that website and see what you are missing.

Start updating your website, blogs accordingly and resubmit in google.

What To Do If You Are Not Able To Find Any Flaws But Still Hit By Core Update?

Google has already given an advice in its blog if you are negatively impacted by any of their core update. Well to be honest there is a lot you can do if your website is negatively hit by an update to bring back the ranking of your keywords but that will require a lot of patience and hard work as you will have to analyze each and every site ranking above your website and deeply study what they are doing and where are you lacking.

Not Able To Figure Out What Changes To Make?

If you are still not able to figure out what changes you should make in your website to bring back the ranking of your keywords back in position then all you need to do is just drop us a mail regarding the same and we will be helping you out in every possible manner to bring back the ranking of your keywords up on google.

The above given information is true as there are measures we have taken in order to bring back our client’s keywords back in ranking. So if your website or brand is hit in a negative manner by this core update of google then we will definitely recommend you to follow the above given guide and start analysing your traffic and keywords along with competitors website, keyword ranking and traffic.


You can take an easy way by hiring us to do the same for you.

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